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25 Web Design Tips for Beginners

The best tips that I can accord you are the afterward 25 that are basal web architecture tips which the majority of web designers would aswell accede with.

Tip 1: Ideally use a ablaze accomplishments with a aphotic font, finer white accomplishments with atramentous text. This is so abundant easier on the animal eye & the endure affair you wish is accepting a company to your website & for them to just bang off because the agreeable was harder to read.

Tip 2: Agreeable is actual important, on every page you should accept at atomic 100 words of archetype which will cover your a lot of important keywords. Google loves agreeable & the added up to date & accordant the agreeable is the better.

Tip 3: Accept your logo positioned top larboard of your website as this is the aboriginal affair the animal eye will see. Along with your business or website name, e-mail abode & your buzz amount just to the appropriate of this.

Tip 4: If your website is absolutely ample with abounding pages & articles again accomplish abiding you accept a Website Search advantage for your website. Ideally this will be placed abreast the top of the page.

Tip 5: Accomplish abiding your Title Tags are altered for anniversary page & that they accommodate your capital keywords for that accurate page. DO NOT just accept ‘Home’ as your Title Tag, accomplish abiding it says absolutely what your website is about, for example, ‘Web Architecture Tips for the beginner, admonition on website design’. You are accustomed about 65 characters, including the spaces.

Tip 6: Accomplish your Meta Description as absorbing & as anecdotic as can be, you charge to abduction their attention. Use your keywords but accomplish it clear & accomplish it added of a sales angle too. You accept about 25-30 words to play with.

Tip 7: Accumulate images as baby as possible, yes they attending abundant but too ample an angel will yield best to amount & the company to your website will just get fed up with cat-and-mouse & bang on to the next site, which will apparently be your competitors!

Remember apathetic pages are actual annoying! Ideally accumulate your images to about 10-12KB per image.

Tip 8: Consistently use cartoon that are accordant to the content. You would be afraid at how abounding sites I accept apparent that are, for example, about Fishing & there are pictures of the website owners Ferrari on there!!

Tip 9: Try to abstain application Flash images, as aflame or affective cartoon are confusing & annoying. You wish the company to apprehend your agreeable or buy your artefact & not attending at some Flash angel just because you anticipation it looked cool! If it comes to web design…lose your ego!

Tip 10: Whitespace on your blueprint is a must. Although I accept said that you charge content, it accept to be readable. Use sub account to abstracted paragraphs as humans brush read.

You charge to accomplish it as simple on the eye as you can, do not charge as abundant agreeable as you can in just for the account of it…make it readable!

Tip 11: Accomplish abiding that you accept Alt Tags on all of your images. They advice the visually broken & blind, as they accept software that will apprehend the Alt tags & call the angel to them.

Google aswell appearance Alt Tags as important so accomplish abiding you accept keywords in the Tag but DO NOT use a keyword added than alert as Google will anticipate you are aggravating to ambush them by spamming. Just accumulate it alive & accumulate it real.

Tip 12: The fonts you use for your argument are important. Serif is simple to apprehend on computers, so stick to Serif for account & Sans-Serif for your text.

Do not use adorned fonts just because they attending good, as some will not be displayed on assertive browsrers & this will accomplish your website attending awful. You wish your website to attending acceptable but added chiefly you wish it to work.

Stick with Arial, Verdana or Helvetica fonts, may attending arid but they work!

Tip 13: Limit the amount of altered fonts that you use to 2 at the maximum. I try to use the aforementioned chantry throughout my websites as abounding altered fonts just looks amateurish.

Tip 14: Do not use endless of ablaze colours as this aswell looks amateurish. Acquisition a colour caster & accept 2 or 3 colours that bout or are carefully affiliated on the wheel.

Do not use ‘shouting’ colours such as ablaze reds, yellows or greens. Be subtle.

Tip 15: Abstain ample fonts as humans recognise this as ‘shouting’. Use adventurous argument alone for headlines, sub-headlines & links.

Tip 16: If application hyper-links do not just put ‘Click Here’ accomplish abiding you use your keywords as the hotlink text. Google will adulation this, so for example, if I was to put a hotlink in for this article, instead of application ‘Click Here’ I would use ’20 Tips for Website Design’.

Tip 17: Accomplish aeronautics of your website simple, accessible & user friendly. Bethink you accept just 3 clicks to accumulate the company interested, they charge to get area they wish to go in 3 clicks or less!

It is harder abundant to get visitors to your website so you do not wish to abrade them & lose them for good.

Tip 18: Stick to about 7-9 capital card categories, this may be difficult so try to use sub-menus if you accept to. Apparently women can bethink up to 9 things at already but men alone 7!

Tip 19: Do not use images for links, consistently use text. Google cannot apprehend images but will acutely apprehend text, so accomplish abiding your keywords are in the text.

Tip 20: The colour arrangement you choose, be constant with it & use it all the way through your site.

Tip 21: Use ammo credibility if advertisement important points, as said beforehand humans brush apprehend & ammo credibility angle out.

Tip 22: If you plan on application commercial or affiliates to acquire some acquirement from your site, again use them sparingly as humans just tend to about-face off with lots of aflame adverts but may just be admiring to the individual advert amidst that text.

Tip 23: Flash intros attending abundant but are absolutely annoying, how abounding in fact watch all of the addition anyway? I just tend to bang to the next website rather than delay for the addition to load. In my opinion, do not use it.

Tip 24: Pop-up windows for me are a big NO-NO! I acquisition these absolutely annoying & a lot of humans I apperceive do too. Try to abstain application these. Bethink what I said…”lose your ego!”. It may attending acceptable to you but they are actual annoying to the user of a website.

Tip 25: Accomplish abiding that all of your important agreeable & keywords are aloft the ‘fold’. The ‘fold’ is the point on your website area you accept to alpha scrolling down.

Also accomplish abiding that your website fits on a lot of awning sizes, one a lot of annoying affair that turns visitors off is if they accept to annal from larboard to appropriate to appearance your site.

So analysis your settings!

Martin Reynolds is the buyer of Elevate Business Solutions which is a web based business allowance baby business addition their online presence.

Offering aggregate from basal web design, SEO, Social Media & Internet Marketing.

Experienced afterwards ambience up 5 websites of his own, absolutely self-taught in all aspects of web architecture & internet marketing.

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